Monday, 17 April 2017

The Easter Bunny left something for me - The other XS Triple Sidecar

Now I have been a good boy (yes I really have) and good boys sometimes get a present. And if they don't friendly people let them know, that they have a sidecar rotting in their yard that can be picked up for the right price.

The owner then wrote some funny texts like "You sure you want it, it's pretty rotten 'n' all". But to be fair, I saw: A good headlight bucket, a VERY nice fuel tank and sidepanels and like new switch clusters. So these will go on my regular XS triple sidecar.

So after picking it up in Bavaria I gave it a very good wash at my dad's house and even though I wouldn't say it came out shiny and new, it did improve quite dramatically though.

So what are the future plans you ask? Well that's a fairly good question. It depends, it has all the legal paperwork for registration in Germany and in reality (except for the cosmetics) it needs a carb clean, three brake repair kits and a new (car-)battery and it'll probably run fine again. This also means, I'll definitely get the bike running the next couple of days and then it's a matter whether someone is interested in buying it as a whole OR whether it's being parted out.

And then, IF I part it out, the next question is, will I nick that 850 for my sidecar and put in the other 850 or take more parts off it for my own dirty deeds? If you're interested in a complete sidecar with German papers, drop me a line. The price won't be too bad and I could also fix it up a bit, if you feel overwhelmed by the challenge. I also have some leftover NOS mounting hardware and a new tarp for the sidecar.

Little addendum:

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