Thursday, 27 April 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar(s) - parts galore and other good news

A very wise man once said, you can fix everything up, if you only throw unlimited amounts of ressources at it. Luckily the other XS Triple Sidecar turned out to be a lot nicer than anticipated and in reality only needs very few technical fixes, but admittedly quite a bit of cosmetical work.

The list of absolutely necessary parts is pleasantly short:

  • new (stainless) brake pistons and seals
  • overhaul kits for both brake pumps
  • new ignition lock
  • new footpeg rubbers, because they disintegrated and "the man" would consider them a risk to injury in case of a crash (and it looks rubbish)
Not shown but also coming up:
  • new tyres (these are properly rotten and the sidewalls are cracked)
  • new battery 
So it's probably going to be about a full day with (hopefully) some help from my dad and we can have a first test ride around his house!

In other news, earlier this week, I've visited my mate Don Carlos and was able to take these two pictures, which show a (relatively) unmolested wiring harness of a '77-model on both the main loom and clocks and that is what I have to replicate on mine. (All of this is gone on mine and hidden in that blob of black tape...

  And finally a small bit I can't show you, but which pleases me even more: I now have the confirmation, that I will be legally allowed to put my spare 850 engine into my '77 750 frame and officially run it as a (fully legal) 850. It's not like I haven't planned installing that 850 somewhere down the road, but to be fair, it does make things easier to have it all in the papers.

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