Monday, 24 April 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar - it's more some sort of bizarre marathon..

I have to admit, after looking at the mess that one of the pre-owners created when installing a non-stock ignition-lock, I was in a bit of a dark hole, plus I also had the other XS-Triple to play around with and the always prominent life-got-in-the-way kind of excuses.

That's just the nicer part of the butchered mess...
So the other triple had to donate a few parts (mostly the headlight and some other cosmetical parts), which involved some major surgery in order to get to them.

That's what an unmolested loom should look like...
Now one of those "bad" habits of mine is to paint the inside of headlight shells white as it massively helps with identifying cable colours when it's slightly dark.

And that's a shot with the new (flexible) indicator fitted instead of the stock "fog-light" it came with.

The other thing I finally managed to get done (with the intention of starting to paint the forks) was to weld on a tab for the front mudguard, which came out uber-shiny compared to the initial state.

Upper part done, lower in initial state

Unfortunately Mr. overachiever in me decided to move the brake-arm-mounts to behind the fork-legs, so that's a lot of extra work that needs to be done, but hey, it's not a sprint, more of a marathon.

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