Sunday, 5 November 2017

The new TR1 motor - cleaning (part 4)

Now this should have been an a lot longer post, but unfortunately my camera devoured most of the pictures I took. (broken SD-card)

What I did (or always do) when working on a new engine, is to clean it. Now I am by no means a big cleaning person, but it does help to find problem areas, oily spots can point towards leaking gaskets at best or cracks in cases at the very worst.

Luckily the cases you can see here are just simply dirty. Very dirty.

My weapon of choice is classic Diesel. Brush it on, let it soak (the longer the better), brush it off again with a bit of extra Diesel on the brush. 

Unfortunately, the paint on the engine cases is pretty far gone, so I will assemble the engine with some sacrificial engine covers, cylinders and heads and sandblast it.

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