Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The new TR1 motor - sandblasting (part 7)

Before I could gest started on sandblasting, there was one more plug I had to machine. Namely one going over the oil-gallery union bolt. Fairly straight forward job of knocking up a 25mm long spacer with a 12mm hole in the middle.

The only before picture I took, giving you a rough idea of the condition the cases were in.

Two shots taken when the engine was in the cabinet. And those who know my workshop will hardly believe me, when I say, the engine *JUST* fitted in.

A little before and after (left and right).

And that's what the cases looked like after blasting. New isn't remotely doing it justice. They came out absolutely stunning.

Is it a simple job? Technically yes, but what you see here is five hours of work to get it as clean as I wanted it to. Additionally if you want an easy life, you have to paint the cases afterwards as the surface finish is very rough and will develop some patina rather quickly.

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