Saturday, 18 November 2017

The new TR1 motor - bolt sizes (part 8)

This post is equally as much a bit of service towards my readers as it is to myself as I couldn't find a list or schematic, which clearly explained which bolts are supposed to go where in the covers.

The standard length is M6x25 and the longer ones (marked in red) are M6x40.

yellow: M6x16, blue: M6x48 but with M8-shaft

The starter solenoid cover is held on with one M6x16, one M6x25 and one M6x70.

The clutch adjuster cover is held on with one M6x16 and one M6x55.

I know this is probably a somewhat unexciting post, but if you like me tried to work out which bolt goes where and what size/length it is, this may eventually come in handy.

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