Saturday, 3 March 2018

The XS Triple Sidecar - living with the Triple at -12 degrees

Now as some of you noticed, not much has happened on the blog in the last two weeks. Simple reason: I've been on vacation in Cambodia. So, when I came back it was a slightly nippy 50 degrees Celsius less overhere in merry ol' Europe than in said Asian country. Of course this was the ideal moment to test the actual winter-proofing of the XS Triple Sidecar.

 Step 1, winter-proof the rider. Balaclava, warm jacket, textil trousers with a zip-on top and suspenders, plus some warm three-finger gloves outta do it.
The bike had been parked in the same spot for two weeks and was properly cold. And what happened: Nothing. Well, next to nothing, she simply fired up and with the carbs originally being off a two-stroke snowmobile, the chokes are running really, really rich, which helped tremendously in this case. 

As you can see on the right, it truly was twelve degrees below zero that morning...

Unfortunately all the bad-weather motorcycling on the sidecar has showed a little flaw in the final drive, as clearly it filled up with water to a degree and once it had heated up a bit, it started to boil over. So a final drive oil-change is due rather soon. And I'll definitely have to come up with a better breather arrangement.

One of the other things was that the throttle cables could do with a bit of oiling and I think I should start investigating towards some proper K&N filters with a 63mm inlet diameter as the cheap ones are pretty rusty by now.

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