Wednesday, 7 March 2018

XT600 engine rebuild - completing the shortblock (Part 2)

It took a while to finally get said oil-pump gasket, which stopped me from assembling the shortblock. Aside from the fact that the gearbox insisted to stay in the wrong side of the cases, when taking the engine apart, it all went pretty smoothly.

Transferred the whole gearbox to the correct side of the cases and wiped the mating surfaces down with a bit of brake-clean and a clean rag.

It really only takes a 1mm wide bead of RTV-sealant (I am using Dirko-HT - also known as the red plague overhere!)

And that's it. This is how it has been sitting in my dad's boiler room for about a week to dry.

As it was so cold, that even the oil got a bit stiff, I'll have to do the manual inspection of all gearbox shafts turning freely this weekend, because whereever the oil accumulated, it was as if I was spinning a shaft in grease...

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