Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Project overview 2018

As I got caught by a bit of the old manflu, I thought it may not be the worst idea to come up with a project plan for 2018.

  • fit the TM33 flatslides (I've got all the parts, so that'll hopefully be the next project, but it requires salt-free roads, as the bike most likely will be out of service for a few days)
  • fight the rust
  • alter the rear subframe a bit, so the mufflers can be angled up a bit mor, so to be able to remove the rear wheel without taking the mufflers off
  • fit a new front mudguard (needs sandblasting and paint)
  • fit LED bulbs in both tail-lights
Tractor (everyday TR1.1):
  • Finish that new engine: decide whether to move to the other set of engine cases I have or not, improve on some of the past work, reshape the combustion chambers, install the BT1100 crank, shorten the cylinders and finally assemble everything and install)
  • alter the speedo illumination, so I can run two LEDs on the inside: one on the top, one on the bottom (same as on the XS-hack)
  • build a new 2in1in2 exhaust with a better collector
  • new pannier-rack
  • swap the yokes and also check the fork tubes for straightness
  • Get it running and then sell it - more on that very soon
  • swap the handlebars
  • finish the carb swap to the later model (needs a new choke-cable)
  • install the pannier rack and see where it needs tweaking
  • fit the XT550 headlight 
  • convert to 600cc
  • sell the turbo-kit
  • build a second turbo-kit from leftovers based on the GT15
  • fit the supercharger
  • burn some tyres
  • try to legally register it overhere 
Tools & Workshop-projects:
  • build a fly-cutter for skimming the TR1 cylinder heads
  • build a fixture to use the above 😉
  • build a proper belt sander as the small one I have right now is pretty useless
  • fit the DRO to the mill's quill
  • build my own version of the fog-buster (mist cooling) for my mill
  • build the tube sander
  • rebuild the lathe-spindle and feeds
  • build a set of starter rollers
  • rebuild the spindle on the drillpress
 I know, not the world's most exciting post, but now you know what to expect in the coming months.