Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Turbo TR1 - maintenance

Judging by backlog, the last time I worked on the Turbo TR1 was in January over a year ago.
As I admittedly have plans of making this work again this year and also have a rather nice (in my book at least) idea on how to tackle the boost-crisis, it wasn't out of place to do some maintenance.

So that's what the brake fluid looked like when it came out. Mind you, this bike hasn't been driven a single mile in 2017.

This is actually Everyday TR1's brake pump (as identifiable by the mirror), so did those brakes too. Oh and while I was at it, found out that the old brakepump on the Turbo is on its last legs, so a "new one" (14mm) has been ordered.

While I was at it, I also (finally) fitted a left over lower clutch cable cover and some new (to me) solid handle-bar holders as the bar-mount rubbers are well past it.

So what's hot and cooking for this old girl?

That's a Volkswagen-branded Eaton M24 out of a 1.4TSI Polo. Now I hear you say, 24? that means it will only displace 24ci per revolution, doesn't that mean you're going to spin the living cr*p out of it? Well, you see that snout? It's got 1.93:1 step up gears on it, essentially turning it into a blower that displaces 46,3 ci per revolution. Why put that in, instead of the M45, I used to have? Simple packaging really. The M45 just wouldn't fit in between the front of the engine and the frontwheel.

Excited? Me too.

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