Sunday, 25 March 2018

XT600 engine rebuild - finished ... not. (part 4)

Don't you hate those stories that seemingly only consist of cliffhangers? Well, me too.

I picked up where we last left off and that was by installing the primary gears and timing the counterbalancer.

As the old piston was still fine, only new rings were installed and the piston thouroughly cleaned.

The cylinder was given a quick once over with the three-legged hone in order to give the new rings something to bite into and both top and bottom were cleaned with chemical gasket remover and a rotating nylon brush.

The combustion chamber needed a bit more cleaning as a lot of old oil, most likely caused by the stuck oil-scraper ring, had deposited on the valves.

The rockers are in like new shape.

Cam installed and timed up.

Some MOS2-based lube was used as assembly lube, as the engine will probably sit a couple more days and weeks until it is fired up the first time.

As valve adjustment is significantly easier with the engine out of the frame, it was done on the bench.

... and there you have it: The engine is ready for install.

Except for the fact that we swapped the gearbox for one out of a later model and so the clutch center has got a different spline. 

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