Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Ms. Braaaaaap - the (re-)awakening

So recently I had dug out the ol' Ms. Braaaaaap, flooded the carb, gave her two rather manly kicks and there she was. Roaring into life and terrorizing the neighbourhood as a good girl with a difficult past would.

A couple of days later she wouldn't. I tried offering her coffee, but that didn't exactly help as such I concluded it must be an electrical fault. Now luckily these old girls aren't exactly equipped with a wiring loom that would make a Saturn rocket proud, but these do have their moments (see below).

To start things off, I had gotten a new coil and plug-cap, mainly because I used them on another bike (without success) and I had my doubts, whether it would work.

Remove the seat and fuel tank, undo two bolts and unplug a cable and you're there.  But still nothing.

Now as you can "clearly" see, the white cable is supposed to be yellow and as it is well bleached, I mixed it up with the white and black cable. Plugged it in...

... brrRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPpppp. (It's what she does.) Also blindingly obvious in the picture, why you should convert to 12V and LED instrument lighting.  😉

And because I was working on it anyway, I tweaked an old Sebring Enduro 2 to fit onto the old  Ms. Braaaaaap, to cut noise-emissions back a bit and finally get my MOT sorted. 

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