Saturday, 14 October 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar comparison

First and foremost, I am utterly sorry for the partially poor quality of the pictures, but I literally shot them within 5 minutes, whilst the new buyer was preparing the trailer to load the Other XS Triple Sidecar.

So here's a little series of photos of both sidecars, really just to show you two very different concepts on how to attach a sidecar to a bike. And mind you, both work. The Velorex-setup relying heavily on the flex in the sidecar-frame and mounts to prevent overstraining the motorcycle chassis, whereas my own setup relies on a very rigid subframe to basically take whatever is throw at her.

As a matter of fact, the Velorex setup is MUCH older (has been run several years before being parked and forgotten), so for you nay-sayers out there, this one has already proven itself. For my own setup? Well, I hope for the best and not treating her overly carefully, much rather trying to explore the full potential the old girl has. 

View from behind, as you can see, both are 4-point constructions.

Both running stock forks and Konis on the rear. 

Massive steering damper on the other XS Triple Sidecar and clamps bolted directly to the frame. 

Sturdy subframe with clevis mounts, trying to make the mounts so there's as little bending force as possible. 

Will my setup work? I honestly don't know. I am curious to see, what the paint will look like after the Winter as that'll give me a first indication on potential stress areas. Based on the assumption, that if the tube bends too far, the paint will crack and it will start to rust.

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