Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The XS Triple Sidecar - a set of new bars and new brakepads

... really just a quick morning job.

Truth of the matter, I had those pads kicking about for more than two-weeks, but honestly have been using the sidecar, whenever it was somehow possible to do so. The other thing with the bars came after a quick ride on my Tractor (the everyday TR1) and noting that I found those slightly higher bars a lot more comfortable.

If done right, it means that you only take out the centre-bolt holding the caliper onto the baseplate back out the pad-retaining screw a few turns and you can remove the caliper from the baseplate. 

Same front and rear. If you use this occasion to push back the brake-piston, you can a) make a huge mess, because the reservoir overflows and b) press that last bit of air out of the line, which on XS triples you simply can't get out of the rear brake. (With the irritating side-effect, that your rear brake is now unhealthily aggresive and locks up the rear whenever you want, while at the same time having a rock-hard feel on the lever. Guess, I have to do some de-tuning in the near future.)

On the front I installed a set of old Dunlopad-Sinter racecompound pads to skim the disks as they are super hard and eat brakedisks alive. Now with the bigger of the grooves and ridges flatened out, I am moving back to a standard (unbranded) organic set of brakepads and they work really nice. Just a bit more squishy. To be fair, those Dunlopads usually need five to ten hard stops to come to temp and then they bite like crazy, so not exactly ideal for road-use. 

Removing the old bards (some LSL Streetbar, which was nicely wide, but just a bit too low, thus creating strain on my thumb-joints and having me crouched over the bars just a tad too much for comfort) was a quick ten minute job as luckily all the cables were long enough. 

New bars are a so-called Streetbar-high, which are approx. 50mm higher than the old bars and all of a sudden, it's a very nice and upright seating position. 

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