Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Project "pretty one" - re-assembling the engine

After having assessed the reason for the incredible amount of smoke being down to the oil-rings not doing their job anymore, my dear old dad broke out the credit card and ordered quite a few bits. Luckily the piston and bore were both in immaculate condition for the given mileage, so it was really down to a top-end gasket kit and a clutch cover gasket and a set of rings to re-assemble the engine.

All oddities aside, a set of standard SR500, XT500 2-valve piston rings works a treat and is quite affordable.

I use a rotating nylon brush and some chemical gasket remover for best results. The assembly hammer is mandatory of course.

This was a bit of a first for me: a piston pin clip that was actually 1mm too long. No you have to use a set of good wire-cutting pliers to cut them to length, because if you'd use the ol' grinder, you'd risk overheating the wire and thus reducing its springy properties.

Bolted up beautifully.

Add copious amounts of oil and smear it onto the cylinder walls. Then go for a coffee/brew as you deem fit.

Last remnants of the old headgasket removed. That triangular, roof-shaped combustion chamber is a mighty interesting one, if you ask me. That is, when modern engine means early 1980ies stuff...

Piston on TDC.

Bit of stiff, solid-core wire for securing the cam chain makes the job a lot easier.

Clutch back on. (Actually done twice, as I found the push-rod ball on the bench after assembly!)

Timing these is a bit of a job, as the piston didn't want to stay at TDC and the camchain is still within spec, but a tad elongated.

All timed up, time for RTV.

Bit of the ol' assembly grease to give those rockers a good chance of surviving the first few revolutions of the engine until it builds up oilpressure.

With all that being done, the engine is pretty much ready to hop back into the frame. (And very likely as the blog is a bit far behind, it most likely already has by the time this post has come out.)

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