Saturday, 21 May 2016

A friend in need is...

... a poor sod on a Honda 500 Four. I do not even remotely intend to hide the fact, that I am led to believe, that the small Honda Fours are amongst the most overrated motorcycles in the world, but still, if it's owned by a friend and he broke down near your workshop, it's kind of an obligation to get the tools out.

This one was interesting though. It turned out, that the actual clutch cable holder must have been broken for quite a while and now finally had a hot date with the chain, when the two of the got a bit more intimate than was to be desirable for Mr. clutch lever.

So after a bit of bending and hammering the whole lot looked substantially better than before. A little drop of the magic blue-glue (aka. TIG-welding) and then a bit of grinding with a die grinder returned  the cable mount back to usable shape.

 I do admit that the candy-colour-paintjob still appeals.

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