Thursday, 5 May 2016

One from the workshop - Buell XB oilpump-sprocket (Ölpumpenritzel - ÖPR)

 So a while back, my mate Wolfgang asked me, whether I could help him swapping out his Buell's oilpump-sprocket on his XB9. Somewhat lightheartedly I said yes, thinking that it couldn't be THAT much more complicated than on a Sportster with the engines being rather closely related, I assumed that it couldn't be this hard... right?


Well not totally. The oilpump-sprocket-swapping was indeed a fifteen minute affair, just as it would be on a Sportster. Unfortunately it required taking the better part of the bike apart.

9:45am: Starting from the top

 Lots of 'leccy stuff
 Airbox removed - god this bike would look sooooo cool, without the tank and just with a K&N poking through a sheetmetal lid!

 10:30(-ish): Good vibrations kill EVERYTHING
 Front engine hanger.
 Engine lowered to remove the rocker cover.
Rocker cover and rockers removed (p.i.t.a. job)

 1:30pm - (post lunchbreak) camcover removed
 1:35pm - Oilpump sprocket removed
 Inlet cam of the front cylinder, intermediate gear and to the bottom-right the oilpump sprocket
 Old and new next to each other - a new sprocket is about 1.80mm width, this one was 1.66mm, so basically like new and the swap wouldn't have been absolutely necessary.
 5:30pm - everything assembled and awesome again

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