Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Turbo TR1 (part 12) - Igor, it liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives

Right, after last week's disaster with the cracked cases it was well about time to push forward.

No sense in wasting a lot of good bits 'n' bytes and get right to it.

Now that was with the out-of-the-box-setup of the VM44, with #35 pilots and #310 main-jet. After swapping out the mainjet for a #250. The whole she-bang ran heaps better, yet still only on just one pot.

Lots better, but still not exactly the ticket. Now with the exhaust tightened up properly things improved substantially. After throwing in a #25 pilot-jet, it now runs on both pots.

Amongst LOTS of other things, a boost-pressure-take-off was welded into the manifold, so I can fit a boost-gauge in the coming days. And swap out the main-jet for a #220.

The turbo-housing picked up some lovely colour, if I may say so. 

 The take-off for boost-pressure.

By now the carb is fed directly from the fuel tank. No more auxilary fuel tanks anymore.

What is notable though is that boost seems to come on A LOT later than I calculated. Judging by the tach in the video, it must be in the 4000 RPM range and not at the calculated lower half of the 3000s.
(Which might still be attributed to the engine not smoothly running on both cylinders...)

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