Thursday, 26 May 2016

Everyday TR1 - gets another makeover

With a little trip to CZ ahead of me, I thought it would make sense to deal with the last few missing items on the todo-list for my everyday TR1, some of which I have put off for ages.

First on the list, were a set of new fork gaiters as the old ones were really showing their age now

Trust me, when I say that the left one wasn't a lot better.

Next on the list: The studs clamping the front axle. On one of them the nut had seized onto the thread always taking the stud out of the forks, which honestly, was quite annoying.

Lastly on the forks, I found out that the left spacer was a bit too short, causing the forks to bind a bit, when tightened.

That was the frontend taken care of. Next step was to make a little bracket that holds the rear mudguard at the right angle. Additionally you can (not) see quite a few surplus brackets in this picture, which were removed for aesthetic reasons.

And there you have it, I found some time to clean the old girl a bit, but in reality it looks almost as before.

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