Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Turbo TR1 (part 11) - oil-leaks from cracked cases

You know, the lovely thing about old bikes is, things are NEVER going to be boring. So the Turbo TR1 was basically ready for it's first start on Sunday, so I did the last bits of the wiring, fiddled with the throttle cable, fitted petcocks to the fuel tank and heaps of other small bits.

On of the very last bits on the list was to fill the engine with oil. Unfortunately said oil left the engine almost as fast as I was able to pour it in...

So a well assorted collection of drill bits was used to return the opening to somewhat round shape again. 

And then a couple of minutes on the lathe resulted in a mighty bung to be shoved down that orifice and be glued in for good.

In situ.

The gooey stuff isn't me proving that I have issues with controlling my bodily fluids, but wet epoxy.

And this is what the old girl looks like right now. Came out every bit as brute as I wanted it to be. Taillight is still missing, but I'll go with a classic Triumph rear light.

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