Wednesday, 18 May 2016

XS400 RatRacer - the finishing touches

Finally the XS400 is dialed in and ready to leave the safe harbour of my workshop.

First I timed the ignition and adjusted the points gap. (One of those things you can spend hours on, but truth be told, it's more of a miracle that the bike actually ran at all...)
 Synced the carbs (yes, this is the left carb, but the fixed carb is the right one...)
 And finally built a wooden subframe to reinforce the seat hump.

The only things left to do: knock up some nicer heat shields and touch up the tank and then the XS is up for grabs, because after all... I am still a two-stroke guy and this is just too heavy, bulky and most importantly four-strokey for me! So if you're interested drop me a line, I do have a number in mind, but it's not a shocking one at all.

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