Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Turbo TR1 (part 10) - oil-return and oilfilter cap

I have to admit (even though I might have said that before) the Turbo TR1 is pretty much on the home-stretch now. Some issues on the oil-return and oil-filter side had to be overcome and the whole lot assembled.

First step fit the T3-oildrain-adapter onto the turbo. Fairly easy, except for the fact that my Chinese turbo uses M10 instead of M8 bolts hold the flange on.

After fooling around with another Garrett-oil-drain adapter for the better part of half an hour, I duly accepted the fact that this is simply not going to work. So I rummaged in my raw-stock bin and found a chunky bit of aluminium-billet and made the world's most chunky oil-return... 

It looked even worse in real than the pictures suggest and there was no way I could fit that on the engine without a) hitting the exhaust pipe and b) not dreading the thought that the bike would constantly steer to the right. (Ok, the last part's a bit of a joke, considering of how bl**dy heavy that turbo is...)

So I threw it on the mill and put it on a diet.

X-marks the spot. 

Aaaand it's fitted with some gasket goo.

Unfortunately, when I took the cover off, the lower nose of the oilfilter-cap broke off. Luckily I still had a leftover cap from a Virago 1100 engine.

Mighty shiny... 

 But hey, what's that? Yamaha in their infinite wisdom decided to alter the location of the oilfeed-hole to the cylinder head.

Bit of work with the die-grinder sorted that one out nicely.

Fitted to the bike.

And the whole she-bang is back on the bike. 

Yes, it's every bit as beefy as it looks at the moment... and I totally dig it. 

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